• Client: AMP Shopping Centre
  • Activation: Merchandise
  • Industry: Fashion

The Client

AMP Capital Shopping Centres have locations all over Australia and New Zealand

The Challenge

To design and create a gift for shoppers that spend over a certain amount. The requirements for the gift were for it to be perceived as a high value and high quality item.

The Solution

Think :  In assessing the target market we recognized the huge growth in popularity of Neoprene tote bags. High street brands have an average retail price of $400 a bag. Knowing consumers would  immediately identify it as a high value item we decided that the trend of the tote bag fit perfectly with the type of gift we wanted to give shoppers .

Make: We  designed and made 3 different styles of  tote bags for all the centre locations around Australia and New Zealand.

Deliver: The successful delivery of this project was highlighted when it quickly became  the highest and fastest redeemed offer of its type for AMP Shopping Centres.

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