• Client: Campari
  • Activation: Packaging / Product
  • Industry: Liquor

The Client


The Challenge

Our brief was to create a trade presenter to support the launch of Wild Turkey’s newst addition to the portfolio; Longbranch.

What We Made

Think: As the USP of this product is heavily centred around the distilling process to support it’s premium position by comparison to other Wild Turkey products, we focused on this in our design. We incorporated the grains and wood used in the production of Longbranch to bring the story to life.

Make: We incorporated wood chars from the very barrels used to produce Longbranch, as well as the crafting the box out of the mesquite, the wood used to give the liquid its signature taste.

Deliver: We delivered a unique trade presenter which not only showcased the product during the activation period, but also remained in trade as a practical, desirable keepsake as was an engaging tool to spark conversation and give bragging rights to recipients.

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